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Download the Medical Practice Management App—IT’S FREE! This App is for any healthcare professional, physician, doctor, medical resident, medical student, physician extenders, dentists, podiatrists, and more.


For any stage in your healthcare career ›

Before (Private Practice)

If you are a student and want to see..

  • Which medical specialty you should choose for your career
  • Choose residencies based on lifestyle and income preferences

Then download this App, it’s FREE!

During (Private Practice)

If you are in any medical practice, and you need help:

  • Creating an annual pro forma budget
  • Determining the line of credit size to ask bank for
  • Understanding your practice’s cash flow needs
  • Deciding how much to spend on advertising to acquire a new patient
  • Deciding on leasing or buying a particular piece of equipment
  • And more to help with your medical practice management…

Then download this App, it’s FREE!

After (Private Practice)

If you have been in practice for many years, and you have wondered:

  • How much is my practice worth?
  • Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Then download this App, it’s FREE!

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    We are very excited to offer the only business meetings of their kind for physicians, resident physicians, physician extenders, physician entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals and executives. Please stay tuned for our next symposium date and location.

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  • The Medical Entrepreneur Book

    The Medical Entrepreneur Book is a top selling practice management book intended for physicians, healthcare providers, medical residents, fellows and medical students about to enter private practice, ready to join a group practice, start a solo practice or for experienced physicians already in private practice but want to improve efficiencies of an existing practice.

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